The leaves that were brown turned to green

I could hardly believe it

But it wasn’t a dream

The leaves that were brown

Turned to green


I was walking in a cemetery

There was no need to hurry

And it wasn’t creepy or scary

Cause the tombs once full,

Were now empty


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I heard children screaming

But it was laughter

There was no fear

For the tears they once cried,

Had all dried


I saw people happy and healthy

Not a sound of complaining

Nor a tear was in their eyes

For the pain they once endured,

Was all cured

© Written October 10, 2014 by Felix Di Donato (1hopefulman). All Rights Reserved.



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Reach Out

Reach Out

You’ve been called ugly, fat, skinny, useless, whatever

Worst thing about it, you’re beginning to believe it

You’re not happy and you’re feeling so depressed

It’s at this point that you have to always remember

That you don’t have to be beautiful to be useful


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Take a look around at other people and you’ll realize

Many other folks are in the very exact same boat as you

There’s much that you can do to give them courage

Say a few words, touch their hands, give them a smile

Remember: you don’t need perfection to show affection


Reach out to the sick, downhearted, poor, lonely at heart

There is more happiness in giving than receiving Jesus said

And if along the way you do this, you are bound to find

That to some you’re beautiful, to some the perfect size and shape

That some don’t know what they would do without you and

That you’re beautiful, useful, perfect, and that you’re loved



© Written November 1, 1999 by Felix Di Donato (1hopefulman). All Rights Reserved.


I once entered a poetry competition and the word we were given to create a poem was “Satisfied.” We had a week to enter a poem and this is the poem I came up and entered. There was no winner and no prize. It was just to exercise our creative ability.




Before you came into my life

All I had were tears and strife


You changed my world as all can see

You gave me hope and now I’m free


You turned my life around

Where despair was to be found


Now I know that things will be better

Especially in the New World coming later


From things beneath to things above

Yes, my Creator, you are my first love


Now that I’m off the road that’s wide

I can truly say that I’m really satisfied



Satisfied ditties that I came up with all inspired my 2nd ex- wife but I didn’t submit these.




You left, I cried

Yes I did, I tried

And I almost died

True love was denied

You left, God sighed

Are you now satisfied?






Are you satisfied now?

That you broke your vow?

You found someone better?

Won’t be seeing you later.






You’re satisfied

I’m petrified

You laughed, I cried

Are you surprised?

That I haven’t died






Are you satisfied now?

Now that I’m gone

Now that you got rid of me

And won’t be around anymore

Because I told you

That once I left

I would never come back


Arte you satisfied now?

You always put me down

Yes I cried and cried

But now I’m satisfied


© All written November 26,  1999 by Felix Di Donato (1hopefulman). All Rights Reserved.

I Almost Called Last Night

I Almost Called Last Night

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I really wanted to call you last night
My heart quickened, my face went white
You were on my mind, feelings in my heart
Even if I called I wouldn’t know where to start

I had to fight with myself last night
If I called, would it have been all right
What if you didn’t feel the same
Would you still have played the game

I could have talked to you last night
Were you perhaps waiting for my call
Did I miss something beautiful last night
If I could have read your mind last night

Is it too early to be calling anyway
I will have to call you on another day
Yes, I almost called you last night

© Written January 30, 2001 by Felix Di Donato (1hopefulman). All Rights Reserved.

I met- Garry Beitel

Sometimes in life, the strangest things happen! Some of them turn out to be good and interesting.

On Saturday night (Sept. 20) after putting my 99 year-old dad to bed at the the home where he is, I was still left with energy and did not want to go home.

So I wondered the streets and talked to people. I landed on Atwater and Sherbrooke and had to use the bathroom and went to the shopping complex nearby. When I used to go home from Loyola (now Concordia) University I would often stop there and read or meet friends and eat something. I hadn’t been there for decades.

I crossed the street after business was taken care of and ended up at the Cineplex movie complex but I did not want to see any movies without reading a bit about them. I hate to spent money on a movie that I don’t like. So I picked up a review and promised that I would return and see a good movie. I love good movies!

I went out by walking through a coffee shop, hoping that I would see someone that I knew and talk for a while. I saw someone that looked familiar and stared a bit wondering who he was. He asked me, if we knew each other. I told him that he looked familiar but I couldn’t place him.

As I tried to figure out where I might know him from, we got to talking and I kind of took over the conversation that he was having with two lovely ladies, one of them turned out to be his lovely wife, Deborah. The other woman will remain a mystery as she wouldn’t give me her name. I don’t blame her as I must have looked like one strange character taking over the conversation and telling them about my life and even sang them some songs that I had written. I thought she looked like  Carole King but who knows who she really was.


If you don’t know and are wondering who is Garry Beitel, please Google the name.


“M: What does being a documentary filmmaker involve? GB: Every day is different. It depends on what stage I’m at in the process. At first you’re developing ideas. Ideas will either come from your own imagination or someone will suggest something to you or they might result from an accidental meeting with someone. You then have to develop that idea into a concept and then write a proposal.”


What Is the SOS Diet?

What Is the SOS Diet?

Today I have a great interview to share with you with Katie Mae, who’s a nutritionist based in Northern California, and a plant-based diet specialist.
In this interview, we discuss everything about the SOS diet. That is, a plant based diet that contains no salt, oil and sugar.
Check it out here: